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Want to rock a crop top but can’t shift the belly bloat? Here are some easy tips to help tame your tummy. If your belly bloat is staying stubbornly in situ despite hours of crunches, then don’t loose heart, it might not be your workout strategy that’s letting you down, it could all be down to your food. According to gastroenterologist Dr. Cynthia Yoshida in her book No More Digestive Problems, “a staggering one in four women suffers some kind of gastrointestinal disorder”. Often, bloating and gas are tied to what and how you eat, so it looks like how you look is not always about the fitness game. To help you get rid of that belly bloat, we’ve found 20 easy and very achievable tummy taming tips. Pull that crop out ladies! 1. Eat smaller meals several times a day rather than two to three big meals. Big meals send your body’s digestive system into overdrive,

Find out why high-intensity interval trainings work and HIIT all the right spots to a stronger, fitter body.   High-intensity interval training, better known as HIIT, has been under our fitness radar for a while now. Based on a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, HIIT is one of the top two fitness trends for 2014 — and we think it’s not going away any time soon. First thing’s first, HIIT is not a specific set of exercise. HIIT is a workout concept which describes any intense form of interval training that alternates between quick bursts of exercises and short active (or inactive) rest periods. Examples of HIIT include P90X and CrossFit. So what is it about HIIT that makes it the top of the fitness list? Here are five reasons why. It’s completely customizable                             Want to lift that booty? HIIT gives you the flexibility to personalize targeted training based on